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Thesis 1.18

Blog post 18: Incorporating feedback

  • What kind of feedback did you get? How will this impact what you do next?


  • Strong storytelling and design

  • Be more specific: What type of survivors?

  • Since everyone is transitioning to a virtual space, reach out to organisations and ask them if you both can support in the transition in any way

  • Talk to other organisations

  • Talk to Jessica (DSI Alum)

  • Since y’all will be interacting with a sensitive population, get trainings on mental health aid

  • Watch documentaries

This feedback has led us to discuss how we can narrow our population. We hope to work with young adult survivors in the stage of long term healing (5+ years). We are hesitant to narrow down an age that the violence happened but are willing to narrow down the population that we aim to work with for our project. We have also begun to assess which other organizations we want to reach out to.

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