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Thesis 1.15 Feedback and Revisions 1

Blog post 15: Draft your practice presentation

  • What kind of feedback did you get? How will this impact what you do next?


  • Explain why the sizes ecosystem are different?

  • Put quotes on ecosystem

  • Focus on care model which doesn’t support beyond crisis

  • Explain on a slide approach to access

  • Explain that we aren’t focusing on support model out of convenience but because the care model doesn’t work

  • Mention co-survivors

  • Year for quote

  • Pull organizations out of the next steps slide

  • Map where ecosystems parts are situated in the timeline

  • Include more of our research, who we talked to and what we found

This was all very helpful feedback. We did synthesize a lot of the information but could be clearer about all of the research we have done. For the next revision we will add more quotes and standardize/ elaborate on the ecosystem more.

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