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Artist Statement

My artistic process has always felt intuitive. It is drawn from different inspirations including artists like Faith Ringgold and poets like Joy Harjo, as well as the rich history of quilt making textile arts from the African American diaspora. Craft has become both a way to tell my story and to process my life events and allows me to connect to my family, history, and even other people who share similar stories. My art has evolved from disparate practices of photography, sewing and design to the integrated practice I have today. 

Artist Bio

Alyson is an interdisciplinary artist, researcher and storyteller from New Jersey who explores themes of memory, trauma, and family. Using patchwork textile work, pieces of poetry, and imagery, Alyson examines the fragmented stories passed down through history and pieced together memories. These stories are stitched together and reused in different ways as a means to explore how narratives evolve through time as well as how context changes meaning.

Alyson has exhibited at the Newark Museum of Art, Montclair Studio Gallery and Jersey City Arts Week, has zines available at Printed Matter, and will have a piece featured in the upcoming Heritage Journal. Alyson had an MFA from School of Visual Arts in Design for Social Innovation. 

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