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Hi, I'm Alyson!

I am a designer, researcher, and strategist working in the social impact sector. 


With a background in social science and community development, I am passionate about understanding and advocating for the needs of people most impacted by a product or service.   My career began in non-profits where I learned to design systems, develop program strategy, build community, and communicate messages clearly. These unique experiences have inspired my multifaceted perspective on how design can be used to create better outcomes.


Gaining a holistic view of an issue is important to me and I approach every situation with empathy and humility as I try to understand everyones perspective. I love hearing people’s experience and working with them to create a new way forward using participatory design research, trauma informed practices, and co-creation.

I believe design can be used to move people towards wholeness and move systems toward equity. Currently, I am working to bring more empathy and community participation to tech development.

Featured Projects

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Research to understand how to recruit the types of foster parents who meet the needs of youth in the system
Collaborative design sprint for harm reduction organization to create an encrypted order fulfillment system.
Research and Strategy- Creating a strategic plan for increased member engagement. 
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Reducing stigma around healing from sexual violence and facilitating long term support through relationship building

More About Me


Current Favorite Book:

Poet Warrior by Joy Harjo

Favorite Drink:

Bubble Tea

Favorite Shows:

One Tree Hill and Shark Tank 

Favorite Activity:

Fetch with my dog, Teddy

Favorite Artistic Medium:

Printmaking or Film