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THESIS 1.5 Active Networking

Updated: Feb 9, 2020

Look at your secondary research. What information do you still need? What information will help you focus your topic?

I still need more information about what non profits exist besides national advocacy campaigns, crisis hotlines, and crisis centers. It seems like the main option for people looking for healing or support long term would be self help resources or therapy.

I believe my topic is pretty focused in terms of wanting to look at healing and support for the long term. I want to understand more about what kind of support survivors desire most. Many women I have talked to have said the hardest part is navigating romantic relationships, losing friends who don't believe them, and family who don't understand their experience. All of these experiences add to isolation instead of supporting healing. Maybe there are programs that provide support in these areas that I don't know about but from what I can tell there are just articles on the internet/ limited books, therapy, or friends/support groups with people who have been through what you are experiencing.

I'm going to contact an old mentor who works in supporting sexual assault survivors. She knows a lot about the space!

Lastly, I will volunteering at Day One this semester, they work with young people to prevent intimate partner violence.

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