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THESIS 1.2 Strengths and Challenges

Assignment 2: What will be your greatest strength and greatest challenge when it comes to doing your thesis? Why?

My greatest strengths when it comes to my Thesis is that I am an empathetic person. Because the topic is personal to me, it gives me an even greater level of empathy and understanding for what others are going through. I think this will greatly benefit me in Thesis when dealing with a sensitive topic. Additionally it is something I have a lot of background knowledge of and i have talked to many survivors already which gives me a preliminary understanding of gaps in the system.

My greatest challenge will be that I tend to have a lot of ideas and it is hard for at first to commit to a direction. Coming up with possible ideas and solutions to problems is fun and prototyping is a lot of fun but I will need to focus on a balance of creativity and seeing things through. Hopefully having the set deadlines will be helpful to me in this regard and having an advisor to hold me accountable. I work well with structure so I just need to be intentional about creating that for myself.

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