• Alyson Fraser Diaz

Thesis 1. 19

Read over your posts from the semester: where have you grown the most? Where would you like to grow more? How are you feeling about your topic and what you need to do during the summer?

This semester I have learned a lot about myself and gained more confidence in taking initiative, talking to people, and exploring ideas. At the beginning I did not think I would have a partner but partnering with Nishita has been a huge blessing and turning point for the project. I think we balance each other and support each other in exploring this sensitive topic. I am excited for what we hope to explore this summer. I hope the summer will give us the change to explore creatively as well as build a solid foundation for the school year. Our largest concern right now is confirming a partner which is a bit hard during pandemic times but I believe we are building good connections and I feel confident about growing those. I'm still super excited about the topic and excited to see where we can take this in the coming semesters.

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