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Thesis 1.14 Pivot or Stay the Course

  • Evaluate how you’re feeling about your thesis topic - is it time to pivot to a new topic or is it ok to stay the course? Keep traveling solo or make a group? Spring break is the time to make those decisions!

  • If you feel like you need to switch topics use this week to take another spin through the assignments with a new topic. If you’re sticking with your topic continue with secondary research and reach out to subject matter experts and/or users for some further data.

  • Look back at the strengths and challenges you defined in week 1. Have they changed? Where do you feel like you need more support/practice? (We’ll discuss these in the one-on-ones coming up)

I'm feeling great about my thesis project. Having a partner has made it a lot better. I would like to keep working on my project. The challenge I stated in the beginning was feeling concerned about the fact that the project was personal to me but having a partner has helped me take a step back, set boundaries, and process anything that is unsettling to me.

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