How might we imagine better futures?

Role: Facilitator

Team: Dasha Zlochevsky

Facilitation about the book Utopia for Realists to engage people with the content and encourage imagination. 



After reading Utopia for Realists, my partner and I were inspired to create a workshop where people imagine ideal futures.  The book discusses how we all know what we are against but few of us can articulate the world we actually want to see. It is important to imagine that future so we can begin to work towards it. What would a world without poverty actually look like? What would a world with open borders look like? What would a world that prioritized leisure look like? We designed an activity to help our classmates imagine these possibilities. 


It was fascinating to see that even in ideal futures, our many of our classmates still pictures poverty and segregation/grouping by difference. In a future facilitation I would like to explore that more. How can we work towards an ideal future for all? How might we stretch our minds to envision that future?