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Client: Brio

Role: Strategist and Designer

Objective: Create a brand identy and logo for non-profit working to make mental health more accessible in low resource communities. 

How might we highlight the vibrancy of community when talking about a sensitive subject? 



Brio enables access to quality mental health care in low-resource contexts through design and collaboration with local leaders and organizations. They are have a unique approach to mental health in international contexts where they spend a lot of time being part of communities, understanding their unique struggles, and working with local organizations to build capacity and address needs. As a design researcher I was very inspired by their process and business and was excited to create a brand that set them apart. They did not want the traditional mental health look of blues and muted colors. They wanted a brand that was bright and spoke to the vibrancy of the communities. 

Untitled_Artwork 67.jpg
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